Cannondale Lefty Hub Tamper


Cannondale Lefty Hub Tamper

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Cannondale Lefty Hub Tamper Orange 58mm

A true eye catcher of a Tamper perfect for any cycling barista, cycling café, bicycle shop.

A level coffee bed is the key to balanced espresso and can only be achieved using a tamper that fits your hand comfortably.


Stop stamping coffee and start tamping coffee evenly with this stylish Lefty Hub Tamper.

The spoke flange let you know how level your tamp is and also provides you with an extra support for your fingers.  A good quality tamper allows you to refine your technique to achieve better espresso.


Made by Factory Espresso in house from start to finish using the best available materials.

Note: NEW Lefty Hub shell un-modified and can be easily reused.

Availabe in size  58 mm but can be made to other size. Mention size and colour in comment section when ordering.



INSTOCK 1x Orange


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